Thursday, April 4, 2013

Transplant & Sow Tomorrow!

We've got a 50x25ft community garden plot to plant all of our edibles, herbs and some flowers. Its been snowing like crazy this year, so the ground has been super wet & I'm just now getting the chance to start planting. The last frost is anticipated to be next week, so this isn't a bad time to get growing.

Our Garden is about a mile away, so I've got to load up the car & haul some gear. I made a list of what I'll need, so that I wouldn't forget anything (fingers crossed.) I also made a "to-do list" .. because thats how we get things done around here!

Items to bring to Garden

Hand Shovel
Buffoloam, Guano, BloodMeal
Plant Labels

Buy Sand
Prepare Root Beds
-Peat & Sand
Direct Sow

Roots like to grow in loose soil, so the first task Ill do in the garden is
1. Locate & Label my root rows
2. Top the rows with peat moss & sand
3. Turn the soil very well
4. Plant my carrot, radish & beet seeds.
5. Transplant onion seedlings

I went out to the garden last week & designated the rows for Greens & Broccoli. I dug up the soil, buried fresh kitchen scraps, and covered it back up. The idea is to attract lots of worms! Tomorrow I will transplant 6 green varieties and broccoli to these rows, water well, add some more nutrients.. and wait.

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