Friday, May 31, 2013

Growing Root Vegetables

Beets! We have 1.5 rows of Chioggia Beets and 1.5 rows of Golden Beets. When you get up close you can see the difference because the leaf veins are brightly colored.

Carrots! We have red, violet and orange varieties growing, there are 5 rows total. Weeds are a terrible nuisance, obviously, so I pulled for 2 weeks then laid some straw. It helps, but some giant weeds still grow up through the straw layer. And the backseat of my Prius is now covered in straw.

                                                     Red & Yellow Onions

Radishes! We are growing Daikon and Watermelon varieties. They'll be ready to harvest very soon. I'll harvest all the roots in the next month or two, then replant again for a second harvest in the Fall.

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